Issue 1



Power Matters: Power Configuration and the Death of American Law

         Otis Grant                                                                                    


Climate of Fear: Admission of Prior Bad Acts to Establish Coercion in Human Trafficking Cases

         Masha Simonova                                                                                     




Making the Leap from Bullying to Equality: An Analysis of Transgender Student Rights

         Nathan Ades                                                                                      


Dying While Trans: A Critical Analysis of Respect After Death Laws

         Kara Nowakowski                                                                                                                                           

Karma and the United States Government: How Mass Incarceration Policies Created an Ailing and Costly Aging Population in the Prison System and How Can Civil Legal Services Assist the Elderly After Release

           Korina Rud                                                                               

Lawful Neutral: The Justice System and Dungeons and Dragons

           Laura Lea Williams                                                                   

Annotated Legal Bibliography