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volume 30


ISSUE 1                                               Fall 2023

ISSUE 2                                               Winter 2024

ISSUE 3                                               Spring 2024

CJERSJ Welcomes Volume 30:

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Volume 29 Issue 2
WINTER 2023 Articles:

Among us: impostor Syndrome and Barriers to Black success

DeShayla M. Strachan 


Black women are going places—but they're not going into the practice of law. While law schools are becoming more diverse, the legal profession is not. The lack of diversity in the legal profession, coupled with existing implicit bias, causes heightened Impostor Syndrome in women, especially Black women, as well as women from other underrepresented groups. The harder the impostor feelings hit, the more difficult it is to retain women of color in the legal profession. Emotions associated with Impostor Syndrome (e.g., feelings of insufficiency) begin upon entry into the legal profession, as many roadblocks prevent marginalized groups from gaining admission to law school, law practice, the legal academy, and leadership positions. To resolve these issues and overcome barriers, institutions must be intentional about including minority women and avoiding the illusion of inclusion. Those with intersectional devalued characteristics, such as women of color, would gain confidence and combat Impostor Syndrome by asserting their needs—if they knew they would be heard.

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Volume 29 Issue 2


Redistricting: Federal Law, State Constitution, and the Courts

Arisha Andha

Gerrymandering through the method of redistricting poses a grave threat to our democracy. Redistricting is the redrawing of voting districts to reflect the census data collected every decade. . .

You Do Not Have the Right to Remain Silent: The Lack of Miranda Within "Child Welfare"

Jane Weiss

Reform within the "child welfare" system is widely discussed due to the systems prejudicial nature. The system is called many names: the family policing system, the family regulation system, and the family destruction system . . .

Landlord Duties to Combat Tenant-on-Tenant Discrimination under the Fair Housing Act

Nicholas Cinquina

Congress passed the Fair Housing Act (FHA) during the Civil Rights movement, seeking to dispel discriminatory practices in the United States housing market . . .

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