VOLUME 12                      2005                 NUMBER 1

Betsy Driver

David Reimer's Legacy: Limiting Parental Discretion

Hazel Glenn Beh & Milton Diamond

Hacking the Gender Binary Myth: Recognizing Fundamental Rights for the Intersexed

Sara R Benson

Outside the Law: Intersex, Medicine and the Discourse of Rights

Jo Bird

Cutting It: Surgical Interventions and the Sexing of Children

Marie Fox & Michael Thomson

Intersex and Intrasex Debates: Building Alliances to Challenge Sex Discrimination

Julie A. Greenberg

Ethics in Medicine: With a Special Focus on the Concepts of Sex and Gender in Intersex Management

Natascha Gruber, Ph.D.

Distracted Attentions: Intersexuality and Human Rights Protections

Morgan Holmes

Intersexuality and the Social Construction of Anatomical Sex

Jessica Knouse


From the Hospital to the Courtroom: A Statutory Proposal for Recognizing and Protecting the Legal Rights of Intersex Children

Erin Lloyd

Doubtful Sex in Civil Law: Nineteenth and Early Twentieth Century Proposals for Ruling Hermaphroditism

Geertje Mak 

Engendering Sex: Birth Certificates, Biology and the Body in Anglo American Law

Saru Matambanadzo

Out of the O.R. and into the Streets: Exploring the Impact of Intersex Media Activism

Sharon E. Preves 

What Happened at Hopkins: The Creation of the Intersex Management Protocols

Alison Redick

Radical Tweak-Relocating the Power to Assign Sex

Elizabeth Reilly

Sharply Drawn Lines: An Examination of Title IX, Intersex, and Transgender

Emily Q. Shults

Approaching Critical Mass: An Exploration of the Role of Intersex Allies in Creating Positive Education, Advocacy and Change

Moonhawk River Stone, M.S.

Finders-Keepers: A Bright-Line Rule Awarding Custody to Gestational Mothers in Cases of Fertility Clinic Error

Josh Deutsch

Granting Asylum to Persecuted Afghan Western Women

Marra Guttenplan

The XXX-Files: Cal/OSHA's Regulatory Response to HIV in the Adult Film Industry

Christina Jordan

Home Alone: Children of Incarcerated Mothers in New York City under the Rockefeller Drug Laws

Aron M. Zimmerman